IAj Multimedia provides full-service commercial video production for agencies, businesses and nonprofits. Our creative, high-quality product will ensuring you’ll realize the greatest Return On Investment (ROI) possible.

You don’t have to lift a finger. You need only share your vision—we’ll take care of the rest. From concept to casting to final delivery and engagement monitoring, we work within your individual deadlines, goals and budget to produce a product that you’ll be proud to share.

Reach out to schedule an appointment to discuss your project. We offer a variety of production packages that we customize to suit the unique needs of your client, business, product or project.

Creative Video Process:


Initial Consultation

We listen fully to your initial concept so we can meet your needs, develop your brand and reach your intended audience.

Don’t have an idea developed? That’s OK because we’re here to help. We’ll ask you the relevant questions that will help you discover your concept organically.



This complex phase is multi-faceted. The devil is in the details and we’ve got you covered each step of the way.

  • Script—Your vision and concept are put to page. We’ll work with you to ensure the direction and feel are in line with your marketing needs.

  • Storyboarding—Each important idea and moment from the script are captured in image form to help visualize the sequence and vital shots in the final product.

  • Casting—We’ll tap our extensive network of talent to establish the actors that will clearly establish or solidify your brand.

  • Location Scouting—Our years of experience in Bellingham, Whatcom County and the Pacific Northwest means we’ll find the ideal spot that sends a clear message to your customers.


Our stellar team of experienced cinematographers and crew work seamlessly with state of the art film equipment under the guidance of Owner and Director Clarito Zapanta to get the quality film footage you’ll need to bring your vision to life.


This step is where the magic happens. Our team will ensure all meaningful editing, sound, and color correction is executed as well as any animation and graphics work, credits, and other visuals are added to transform a collection of elements into your seamless final product.

Product Delivery

We’ll deliver a product that will exceed expectations, on time and within budget. You’ll receive your final product in the form you need, whether its hosted through Wistia<Link to Wistia Blog post>, embed codes, formatted for television or full video files.

Recut and Re-Engage

If you opt for this service, our work isn’t done after product delivery. With optional hosting via Wistia, we’ll help you optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and monitor engagement with the content we’ve created.

Based on viewer statistics and data, we’ll monitor the success of your video and recut if necessary to improve viewership and sustain lasting interest with your intended audience.

We can also help you use these tools and approach to recut and repurpose existing content for better engagement, a new audience or a new campaign. We can shorten video that’s losing viewers, add or move calls to action, branding, animations and other elements that will absorb the watcher. Repurposing existing footage can save you money, time and effort and make your marketing dollar go farther.

You can choose from a range of support packages for the period of time that’s right for you and your video content.