When Should You Hire a Professional for Your Video Content?


Video is a critical tool for businesses in every industry. After all, consumers as a whole watch more than 500 million hours of video on YouTube each day. Video is in demand, whether it’s a live video posted on Facebook or a how-to video on YouTube. The sheer popularity of videos is probably why 83 percent of marketers have said they would like to make more video content, if only they didn’t have time constraints. If you fall into that category, and you’re trying to determine if you should make a video yourself or hire a professional for the job, here are some hints that you shouldn’t attempt this task on your own.

You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Making a great video that will stand the test of time typically requires you to use the latest technology. This means you need access to the right camera, lighting and video-editing software if you want to create a high-quality video. And you do, considering that one study found that 33 percent of viewers said they would stop watching a low-quality video within the first few seconds, and another 43 percent would close out of the video within 1-4 minutes. Quality is important, and you won’t get that without the right equipment, which takes time to research and money to buy. If you don’t have that, it’s time to hire a professional for your video content.

You Don’t Have Video Production Skills or the Time to Learn Them

No one is born with video production skills. Experts typically spend hundreds of hours taking classes, reading books and watching videos on how to, well, make a good video. If you don’t know how to put together a good video script, set up the right lighting or edit your video content, you’re better off hiring someone who does. It could take you months, or even years, to teach yourself these skills, meaning your video would be put off until you’re done learning how to make it. When you hire a professional, that video could be done in a matter of weeks. So if you want your video as soon as possible, it makes sense to hire an expert.

You’re Too Busy to Make a Video

Maybe you do have some video production skills, and perhaps you have a knack for writing video scripts. But do you have several hours or even days to sit down and focus on the video? If you’re so busy running your business that you barely have time to eat lunch away from your desk, committing yourself to making a video might not be realistic right now. Anyone who has made a video can attest that sometimes a simple day of filming or editing can take 12 hours — leaving you no time to manage your business. And if filming the video requires you to use extra resources, including staff, it may be more beneficial to hire a professional.

You Want a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes it takes an outsider to figure out how to showcase your company. In many instances, business owners and their employees are simply too close to the business itself to determine the best way to make a video about it. If you’re having trouble narrowing down the best features to put in the video, or if you just don’t know what the public might want to hear about your company in the video content you create, hiring someone else may be the right move.

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