How animations and CG can simplify story...

How CG and Animation Can Simplify Storytelling

Computer graphics, or CG, is a powerful way of producing videos without catching everything on camera. CG can enhance video - adding text, visual elements or special effects to footage - or a video can be made completely from computer graphics.

As a video tool, CG has been used to tell stories since the 1950s, but really took off in the 70s and 80s as companies like Pixar, Adobe and Nintendo started exploring the power of CG. Flash forward to today and CG is everywhere - film, television, video games, advertisements and more. It's become a standard in video production and advertising.

Many brands use CG to simplify the way they tell their story, which can be a huge challenge. If your message and brand value isn't clear, you'll have a very hard time compelling target audiences to take action. Whether that action is to purchase, download or make contact, the message should be simple. Here are just a few ways CG enhances video to simplify and sell a message.

CG earns audience attention

It can be hard to break through the noise and get viewers to really watch your ads, but CG can help. Computer graphics can create special effects that draw in viewers, like Doritos did this year at the Super Bowl. Once they're pulled in, you can deliver your message and ensure it's being heard.

CG evokes emotion from audiences

More than any other medium, video has an incredible power to play on viewers' emotions. Advertisers use this to their advantage, leveraging CG to inspire the emotions they want audiences to feel, like in this high-intensity ad for sneakers, or this awe-inspiring commercial for a cell phone.

CG take viewers to worlds you can't capture on video

There are some settings that are impossible to film; Oregon Health and Science University faced this problem. Their cancer research was leading to huge breakthroughs in cancer care. They used CG to take viewers inside the human body to see what cancer looks like, and how it's eliminated - a trip that would have been impossible without computer graphics.

With the power of CG, no idea is unachievable. If you're looking to amplify the impact of your online video marketing or commercial videos, consider partnering with IAj Multimedia. Our world-class video production team will use animation and graphics to simplify your message and tell your story in a way that compels your target audience to act.