Music & Video - Setting the tone.

How Commercial Video Production Companies Can Use Music to Set the Tone

Who’s that guy rocking out on stage? Well, that happens to be our Creative Director Clarito Zapanta from 15 years ago living out his dreams of becoming a rockstar! Music and Audio Engineering is his background so naturally he has been able to bring that experience to the foreground. Here are some tips to follow when selecting and mixing music for your own video content.

Music is one of the most important aspects of corporate video production, and any quality online video marketing video company will ensure the music is designed to deliver the most impact possible when publishing new content.

But, just how can you use music to set the tone? Here are our top three tips.

1. Define the Overall Goal

If the aim is to provide detailed information, it's usually best to allow the audience to focus on the material without distraction. Try to use non-invasive and subtle background music that allows you to draw attention to the video and change the mood without pulling away from the attention of the viewer.

However, if you’re trying to convey a broader concept where audiences might need a more emotional cue, then we suggest music that evokes more emotion.

2. Take Advantage of Music Libraries

If it all possible, take extra time to research where your music comes from. Don't just use the default music that comes with your editing software or YouTube. Most free music libraries offer similar tunes, if not exactly the same ones that will sound too familiar to another marketing video.

To ensure that your content stands out, try some other great music resources such as,, and

If you know what style of music you're looking for or even have a reference song try using a music library that allows you to search for a similar tune. For example, if you really love the intro to a certain track, head over to and use the Sonic Search tool to find a similar song.

3. Mix the Track Properly

For the love of god, spend some time mixing your track properly! Many free video editing software programs come with a basic set of mixing tools. It's suggested to keep your overall mix below an average of -6db to -8db. Why?

While broadcast rules and most distributors tend to define the optimal mix between -10db to -20db, staying within the parameters defined above can ensure that not only your video will be suited for distribution, but also that the piece won't be so loud that you ruin the immersion for the viewer.

This is where we come in! While we produce quality video marketing content from beginning to end, we often find that post-production is one of the most difficult and crucial stages to get right when companies try to go at it alone.

Our team ensures all meaningful sound and other post-production work is executed to precision to transform your vision into an impactful video that yields high ROI. Ready to get started or need more help with your sound and music needs? Contact us today!

Clarito Zapanta