Video SEO with Wistia

At IAj Multimedia, we produce creative, high-quality video that will get you, your brand or business noticed. But our service to our clients doesn’t end when we turn over a work product.

We offer an additional value-added service that employs a revolutionary video hosting service. Wistia tracks analytics and offers additional video marketing tools that our customers have found invaluable. This service ensures that your new video will be seen widely and that it will rank on search engines, improving your SEO and increasing traffic to your website. Wistia also tracks and provides information that will help you understand how viewers interact with the new content so you’ll have tangible information about how your new video engages its audience.

According to Hubspot, 35% of businesses are using analytics to measure video performance. That includes interaction, attention span, views by embed location, drop-off times and influence on revenue.

For more examples of how Wistia is applied, check out their success stories and then get in touch with IAj Multimedia today to discuss your next project.

Kris Aguero