Northwest Chevrolet of Bellingham

Clarito at IAj has always wanted to film cars. So when this opportunity came we were definitely excited. This is an ad that we did for Northwest Chevrolet of Bellingham. They offer a wide variety of new and used cars and are located at 3891 Northwest Ave Bellingham, WA  98226.  This ad is also being aired in Whatcom county on 25 local stations  through July.  A lot of pre production went into this 30 second video so we are extremely proud to share it with everyone. We also want to say thanks to Travis Lawton for helping us capture the aerial footage that you see in the commercial.



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Project Details

IAj Multimedia was invloved in the conceptualization, writing, filming, and editing of this production.

  • Color Grading
  • Screenwriting
  • Video Production