Belle Bridal

Everyone looks forward to that special day. However, we all need some help getting there. Belle Bridal is a bridal gallery in Bellingham Washington that offers full service for that momentous occasion. Belle Bridal is the only Bridal gallery in Bellingham that has 4 Private Bridal Suites. They  guarantee that you and your loved ones will have the intimacy and privacy that you deserve in making such an important decision.  In fact, Clarito and Kristina of IAj Multimedia received their services at Belle Bridal for their very own wedding day. Their creativity and customer service is excellent!


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Project Details

Atmosphere and emotion. Those were the key elements to completing this project. Each shot was carefully planned, the soundtrack was conceptualized early and the atmosphere was carefully decided. IAj Multimedia was involved in the conceptualization, scripting, filming, editing and music composition for this project. IAj Multimedia has also partnered with Advancify to help develop a website for them as well. The Hotel Bellwether is also featured in the video. They were gracious enough to allow us to film at their beautiful facility. KnHXpressions also provided their unique makeup artistry for the shoot and also features owner/makeup artist Katherine Han. Cast includes: Kaylie Sebens, Lois Sebens, and Chloe Denessen. The voice over was provided by the very talented Lydia Randall.

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  • Screenwriting
  • Video Production