What do we do?

IAj Multimedia is here to help create and develop content for your personal or brand enhancing needs. Your brand, story and vision are at the core of our creative process. Let’s work together to cultivate a creative solution for you.


A plain old video is one thing, but a creative vision with meaningful content, narrative, a moving soundtrack and quality visuals is another. Whether it’s an advertisement for your company, a kickstarter video for your awesome new idea or even a personal documentary we will collaborate with you to create a video that we both will be clamoring to share with the world.


Need music for a project but want something tailored specifically to your ideas? Or maybe you can’t afford the licensing fee? Well you’re in luck, we offer in house music composition for various types of projects. We have a network of talented musicians with experience ranging over two decades that can custom compose a music track to add that extra life your project is needing.


Branding is a promise of a memorable experience. Developing a strong, unique, and authentic brand is a crucial element to any successful venture.
We want to get to know you and your ideas. ­We will gather those thoughts and brainstorm to deliver a creative proposal. Once we’ve agreed on a vision we will gather our resources and execute those ideas.

Why IAj?

We are passionate about creating and collaborating.

With over two decades of combined experience in multimedia production, IAj has the creative diversity and experience to breathe life into your brand, story or vision. We have a range of experience that spans from small businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and start up companies.

From our clients